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Database Access via OpenAthens

Create a Standalone Account for Wall Street Journal

The first time you access the Wall Street Journal from the direct link or from your MyAthens you will be prompted to create a standalone WSJ account.

What are the benefits of a standalone WSJ account?

  • Login from anywhere. Yes, even from the WSJ mobile apps!
  • Subscribe to WSJ newsletters.
  • Setup alerts based on topics that interest you.

Creating a standalone WSJ account is simple:

1. Use the direct link

2. You will then be prompted to create an account.

3. Your name and email address are automatically imported. Create a password, then click Create.

4. You will then be signed into Wall Street Journal. Enjoy!

Please note: If you are logged in and don't have a standalone account. Simply go through the above steps to trigger a new account.

For Your Information

Read on Desktop and Mobile browser (iPhone and Android). Or download the app to your phone:

You will be prompted to renew your standalone WSJ account every 90 days. WSJ will send an email with a link to renew your account. Click the link and login with you OpenAthens account.

Get Help

Ask Us! Email the Library at