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Database Troubleshooting

This guide provides an overview of OpenAthens, allows you to report an access problem, and provides troubleshooting guidance on specific database access.

Public Records Tip

If, after going to Public Records and you receive a blank page or Lexis sign-in page after entering your permissible use information. Third-party cookies may need to be allowed in your browser for the LexisNexis domains.

Steps to allow third-party cookies on Google Chrome:

  1. Open Chrome, click the three vertical lines icon on the far right of the Address Bar.
  2. Click on Settings > then click on Privacy and security in the left column.
  3. Click on Cookies and other site data.
  4. If the Block third-party cookies radio button is enabled, go to the Sites that can always use cookies section.
  5. Add the Lexis domains (using the format below)
    • [*.]
    • [*.]

Instructions for Edge and Firefox are similar to the Google Chrome instructions. Support for Internet Explorer has ended due to a lack of standards compliance.

Access Issues?

If you are having trouble accessing any of the LexisNexis databases, many issues may be fixed by following the LexisNexis Browser Troubleshooting Guide.

Get Help

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If you have any specific questions about Lexis feel free to reach out to our Lexis Designated Solutions Consultant for the Department:

Meghan Atwood