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Home page of the Commerce Research Library. The Commerce Research Library is a federal library serving the U.S. Department of Commerce.

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Featured Video: Locating Journals Online

Finding online access to journals can be complicated. Watch our quick video to learn which journals you have access to from the Commerce Research Library and how to find them. Today's example is the Harvard Business Review.

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Research Database Fair Save the Date April 18

Open House 10am-12pm

The Commerce Research Library's Research Database Open House is back after a multi-year hiatus! Learn about library resources, enjoy refreshments, and visit the exhibit hall.


Rewatch and Share the most recent Around the Bureaus

Did you miss the presentation?  The recording and slides are now available.

International Trade Administration's Data Analysis Team (Office of Trade and Economic Analysis) spoke about about insights from Industry & Analysis’s data tools.

The Data Analysis Team publishes internal and public-facing data tools, and conducts quick-turn analysis to support the development of national trade policies. The team also administers the certificate program under the Export Trading Company Act, which provides antitrust preclearance for export joint ventures.

This two-part presentation included an overview examining the data tools for detailed profiles from 392 U.S. metropolitan areas, and the Exporter Database Series and explore U.S. exporter profile data for small and medium-sized exporters.

For more information, please visit the Office of Trade and Economic Analysis (OTEA) page. 

Our book list on Africa is available now! Check out our entire collection of book lists.

1964 worlds fair globe

Explore Our New Digital Exhibit

Championing Commerce at the World's Fair

For decades, the Department of Commerce used World’s Fairs to highlight American industry, innovation, and success. Knowing that these Fairs were an opportunity to display American progress, the department, sometimes working in conjunction with other government agencies, presented extensive exhibits to reflect the country’s growing industrial and commercial power. From counting machines to futuristic science exhibits, the Department of Commerce’s contributions to these events shaped perceptions of American influence and the country’s role in the global economy.

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Not sure where to start your research?

It's easy to feel overwhelmed when starting a new project.

A Literature Search can help you get up to speed on a topic fast.  Our guide will walk you through using the library catalog and a few other databases to quickly locate relevant materials on a topic.

When you're done, you'll have a better understanding of available resources and an informational background to help you take your project forward successfully.