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Database Troubleshooting

This guide provides an overview of OpenAthens, allows you to report an access problem, and provides troubleshooting guidance on specific database access.


OpenAthens enables DOC staff to seamlessly access most available databases, news resources, and recordings of library programs. Most database access is limited to HCHB staff; however, regional staff can visit MyAthens to see a complete list of databases based on bureau and duty station, including Lexis and Westlaw. 

PTO staff should work with the PTO libraries for database access and additional resources. 

Members of the public are not eligible for database access.


The print and eBook collections are only available to staff in the Herbert C. Hoover Building (HCHB) in Washington, DC. If you are a member of the public, you may request print materials via interlibrary loan only.


Sharing Links

Trying to share an article with a colleague?  Follow these tips to help them seamlessly access subscription resources.

  • To share a link to one of the library's databases, start on the Databases A-Z list.  Click on the Share () icon to the right of the database title and copy the friendly URL (NOT the link it redirects to).
  • You can use the OpenAthens Link Generator to create customized links to articles or publications within databases.  For example: you want to include a Wall Street Journal article in today's clippings or you want a bookmark that takes you directly to Foreign Affairs in EBSCO.  Simply put your article or database link into the generator and it will create a custom link that allows direct using their OpenAthens credentials.  
  • For articles in Lexis (such as NYT), separate instructions on how to amend those URLs on on the Lexis guide.

Creating Database Bookmarks

To bookmark the Library's databases, you need to use the friendly URL and NOT the URL it redirects to.  If you have a bookmark to a database that isn't working properly, try replacing it with a new bookmark using these instructions. 

1.  Start from the Library's Databases A-Z.

2.  Locate the database you want to bookmark.

3.  Click-and-drag the link to your bookmarks bar.

Access Issues?

If you are experiencing access issues, you may need to reset your password.

Sometimes browser caching may cause problems; try clearing the browser cache and restarting the browser if you experience access issues.

If these tips and the troubleshooting guides on the left do not resolve your issue, email us or report a database access problem.