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Literature Search: Lexis

Lexis Step-by-Step

Step 1

Lexis provides access to many scholarly journals, but cannot be searched in Library Search. Clicking on one of these links opens the Lexis homepage, which will let you access all the other products in the suite, such as Nexis.

Step 2

Click on the square of dots on the upper left hand portion of the page. A menu of links to Lexis products will display. Select the Nexis link.

Step 3

The Nexis Power Search page displays. The user has the option of doing a keyword search or of doing a search with a controlled vocabulary of index terms. Searches can be narrowed by the use of date and other filters and by specifying the sources to be searched.

Step 4

The search produces one or more pages of results. The results can be filtered by categories that display on the left side of the page. The search can also be narrowed or expanded using the search window located just above the list of filters.