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Request Library & Database Accounts

Why do I need research database accounts?

Certain research databases require individual accounts for access.  These database are noted by a lock  Lock Icon Image on the Database A-Z page.

Most research databases can be accessed in HCHB without an account via IP authentication.

HCHB Staff Offsite Access

Do you work in HCHB? Great! The library offers offsite access to select research databases for all Commerce Employees who work in HCHB. It just takes two simple steps:

  1. Request an account.
  2. In the database list to the right, look for the red house icon (A small icon of a red house.  It indicates that remote access available (e-mail to request an account)) which indicates that you can use the database from your home computer or mobile device.

Don't work in HCHB? Sorry, but the majority of our research database licenses only allow for use by HCHB staff.