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Bloomberg Terminal Function - RELS

RELS or Related Securities displays a comprehensive overview of a security's issuer, including company description and fundamentals, debt obligations, equities, and related financial instruments. Critical information within a supply chain includes knowing the ultimate parent company for a supplier or customer and knowing the major investors in companies that are part of the supply chain. If a potentially hostile country owns a supplier or customer in the supply chain or has a major investment in one of these companies, this can be a possible weakness in the supply chain.

The RELS function shows the hierarchical relationship of a company to other companies in the same corporate family as well as the company’s investors. For instance, let’s look again at Kuka AG. The hierarchical table above shows that Kuka AG is a subsidiary.

Look at the top of this screen to find that Kuka AG is ultimately owned by Midea Group, thus Midea Group is not only is a supplier of Kuka AG but actually owns the company.

To confirm that Midea Group is a Chinese company click on the entity profile link and then click on the “Geographic Info” tab in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.