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Remote Access & Services Guide

Connect while teleworking

The Commerce Research Library subscribes to many online research materials subject to license restrictions that limit access mainly to staff stationed at the Herbert C. Hoover Building. There are two options for remotely connecting to these resources:

1. Use your Bureau's Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Enjoy seamless automatic access to the majority of the Library's resources while your telework device is on your Bureau's VPN. The majority of our resources utilize IP authentication and already have your Bureau's IP address on file granting automatic authentication.

2. Use your Library Account

Library Accounts utilize your Commerce Web Solutions Authenticator (CWSA) credentials.

Your username is your email address and your password is the one you set up with the CWSA.

Request a Library Account and/or setup CWSA credentials if you haven't already done so. If you have multiple .gov email addresses, please use the one registered in the Staff Directory.

Access Issues

The Library's Databases A-Z lists every database we provide access to. Databases with the icon authenticate automatically while on your Bureau's VPN or when you log in with your Library Account. Databases with a use a database-specific username and password. For these databases, request a database-specific account to gain access.

We want to help you gain access to these resources. We recorded a recent Digital Services 101 session that covered tips and tricks to access and services. If you are still having trouble, email us at

Read an eBook

Your Library Account gives you access to the Library's eBook collection. Start browsing and check out a book today! If you have not borrowed eBooks through the Library before, please visit this quick guide.

Have a Question? Ask Us!

Do you need research assistance? Or do you need help learning how to use a library service? Ask Us!

When in doubt, send us an email at We check this email regularly and will get to your question within a business day, if not sooner.

Need a Journal Article, eBook, or Report?

The Library provides access to a wide range of digital resources. Start searching for these resources in the Library's catalog. Not only does the catalog search our print collections, but it also searches most of the databases in one powerful search.

If you still can't find the journal article, eBook, or report that you need. Ask us for it!

Attend a Virtual Event!

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