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Government Documents

Legislative History Collections

Looking for a compiled legislative history?  Don't reinvent the wheel, checkout our best bets below:

  • ProQuest Legislative Insight - the most comprehensive source for legislative histories available to Commerce employees.  This subscription database includes legislative histories in full text PDFs from 1789-current.  New legislative histories are constantly being uploaded from current and previous Congresses. PDF documents include bills, committee reports, CRS reports, committee prints, presidential signing statements, and more.
  • Commerce Research Library Print Collection - Legislative histories for laws relevant to the mission of the Department of Commerce have been compiled by librarians and are available in the reading room.
  • NOAA Legislative Histories - A collection compiled in a joint project between NOAA, Department of Interior's Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, and the Commerce Research Library.
  • DOC Digital Legislative Histories - A selection of the print collection has been digitized and is available below in PDF: